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District Copper has adopted the “E3 Plus” Principles for Responsible Exploration developed by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC). The principles serve as a framework for companies to continue their exploration activities while improving their environmental, social, and health & safety performance. The following are the eight fundamentals of the program:


1. Adopt Responsible Governance and Management:

Base the operation of exploration on sound management systems, professional excellence, the application of good practices, constructive interaction with stakeholders, and the principles of sustainable development.

2. Apply Ethical Business Practices:

Ensure management procedures are in place which promote honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability.


3. Respect Human Rights:

Respect and promote the human rights of employees, contractors, host communities, and other affected and interested parties.


4. Commit to Project Due Diligence and Risk Assessment:

Conduct an evaluation of risks, opportunities and challenges to exploration and prepare strategies and operational plans to address them before going into the field.


5. Engage Host Communities and Other Affected and Interested Parties:

Interact with communities, indigenous peoples, organizations, groups and individuals on the basis of respect, inclusion and meaningful participation.


6. Contribute to Community Development and Social Well-being:

Have measures in place that support the social and economic advancement and capacity-building of communities whose lives are affected by exploration, while respecting the communities’ own visions of development.


7. Protect the Environment:

Conduct exploration activities in ways that create minimal disturbance.


8. Safeguard the Health and Safety of Workers and the Local Population:

Implement best practices for health and safety performance while aiming for continual improvement.